Loving her

She kept her eyes to the floor
And carried her heart in an empty box
Pleaded to the world it was to gentle to have
But reckless hands griped to her chest and tire her heart from within the box
And the world swallowed her whole
She felt the blood rushed to her head as her heart began to pump and there was that feeling of never ending loss but the silence fell in
But there
Was something that had lifted her heart to her chest and the blood began to flow
Hope grows in ways that bends the bones in a certain way that keeps you steady
But the weight of this hope had kept her mind in a space to believe in all things possible
But her heart ached to the crippled bones but now the silence grew deeper and there was something but the light only grew stronger.
Hope how it caused her pain but she pleaded to the world to surrender her heart but yet
It took her heart as a bargain to her freedom to walk amongst the people with steady hearts and steal bones.
But the cost came at a toll
She rampaged through the world looking through clear eyes and her heart a beating drum

But how now she surrenders her mind for that piece of hope to come bak to her
To feel that endless feeling of believing that there is more to this
Yet it fleeted endlessly

She grasped her hands close to the light and she grabbed it for a second and it flew through her
But yet
Tears overflowed a smile so bright and
She crumbled to her knees and said thank you thank you thank you thank you
But yet she was left again and the light lit up once more and
She knew that this new hope must not so carelessly given away
So bak into the chest it went
Where hands could never grasp
Where eyes had to search but she knew
She knew it was safe from the world
Yet she was sad it had to go

But it was safe

But she let it flew out
And fill the world.
And how it flattered through the room with wings as though butterfly
Lights glistening
It flattered
And it flew
And she felt herself flying with it

Resting in the lights of the room.
It steadied her eyes
She could see her dreams and she believed in them
She could fly
The lights would dim
And she could feel herself

Careless care flying endlessly
She could be free for those moments
It was a rampaging beat
It grew heavy
A box so small cannot carry the weight of her happiness or the hope
She holds so tightly too

How it wanted to be free
How it loved the fleeing feeling of leaving that box
That rampaged box filled with most delegate things that kept her safe, kept her sain.
It kept her at a thought, at a stillness
But loving such things don’t they deserve to be free.

She didn’t want them to be touched or erased from her mind

She didn’t want them to be intwined with anyone else’s hands to feel wat she had lost
She had already lost it once
Wat unbearable pain to loose it again.



(Source: ciggers, via strangelfreak)